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Will The Walking Dead Eventually be on Hulu?

Since Halloween 2010, when it first aired, The Walking Dead has been one of the most popular TV shows that there is. It is easy to see how popular the show is by just logging into any of your social media outlets. Facebook and Twitter are dominated by shares pertaining to the show, especially the day a new episode airs, as well as the days following an episode and leading right up to the next episode.

All of the chatter on social media, and throughout the blogosphere, makes it tough to avoid spoilers before you see the episode. This actually keeps many people from even logging into their social account until after they have seen the newest episode. Staying offline is really the only way to go, because no matter how hard you try to avoid spoilers, you will end up seeing some and will get upset or angry.

The internet has changed pretty much everything, and of course media is one of the most prominent industries that have changed drastically. Adapting to these changes comes with a learning curve, especially for older adults that aren’t as technically savvy as the younger generations when it comes to technology. Luckily television and movie streaming services do not have a learning curve that is too bad. For the basic user it is pretty simple to navigate and to find what you want to watch.


Streaming Services

Many people are cutting the cord on cable and satellite TV in favor of online streaming services. With cable and satellite services charging well over a hundred dollars just for a standard TV package, which is a lot of money to spend on top of everyday expenses already being so high.

Nowadays there are so many streaming services that have a lot to offer, especially Hulu and Netflix. Hulu is so popular because they have many current seasons of TV shows, and new episodes are added the day after the episode airs on cable. The majority of popular network and cable channels have their own app these days, so you can always look into the streaming app they offer.

One of the downsides is that Hulu only has new episodes for certain networks and shows. Luckily they are always making new deals with networks to bring them on as part of their streaming service, but not all networks will give access to the brand new episodes until the season is over.

Why It May Never Make it to Hulu

A few years back Hulu struck a deal with AMC which allows them to stream shows from the network. The deal with AMC does limit what shows they can and cannot air, which is all based on when the contract was officially signed. For fans of The Walking Dead, the deal between Hulu and AMC will not allow any new episodes of the show, which means you will be stuck waiting to see these new episodes on Netflix a few month after the whole season is over.

The reason that new episodes of TWD and select other AMC shows won’t be on the Hulu streaming service is because of when the contract was signed, which we briefly mentioned above.

This will explain a little better, and it will make sense to you. The deal between AMC and Hulu was signed and put into place in 2015. The deal stated that Hulu would have exclusive streaming rights for “NEW” programming. So this excludes shows that have already ended, as well as any other shows that started before the deal and are still airing.

AMC had some other very popular shows that stopped airing before the deal, so they are also shows that we may never see on the streaming service, including Mad Men and Breaking Bad. These shows, just like The Walking Dead, are considered some of the greatest television series of all time, and unfortunately we will most likely never see them on Hulu. Netflix does offer some of them, and another option to view them is by using the actual AMC app. The network apps themselves are free, just like Netflix and Hulu, but you need to sign up for the service on a monthly or yearly basis like the others.

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