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Why you should subscribe entertainment show from Amazon Prime for you kids

It is recently that Amazon signed a deal to partner with the animation company Green Gold that will ensure kids are always entertained through Amazon Prime. It will be accessible for the members of Amazon Prime in India. All these comes for the advantage of the children since these animated entertainment shows contain several benefits to our is good for the parents to take advantage of this upcoming show and subscribe for the goodness of their children. 
Here are the reasons why you should engage your kid with this entertainment show from Amazon: 



1. There will be a great content for kids to watch from. 

Amazon Prime with its partner will offer a variety of movies, films, series and animation including the popular kids’ show Vikram and Betaal with Chhota Bheem which is much popular in India. This will keep your kids entertained with several of movies and films for them. This means that there will be content for entertainment, advisory, creativity, learning and many other important things for your kids. 

2. It is a much easier and a cheaper way to access entertainment for your kids. 

Subscribing to Amazon Prime lets your kids get access to their favorite movies and videos. This saves you the cost of having to buy movies from movie shops or even having to look for them from other sources in the internet that might not contain a whole package for your kids. Amazon Prime has made it easy for you to only subscribe and the whole content will be at your disposal. 

3. The show will keep your kids busy from other unnecessary things or rather activities. 

Kids as we know are inquisitive and can therefore do anything to explore. Some of the things they do are dangerous to their health or other peoples’ as well With this show, they will get access to the movies or films that would keep them busy from these harmful activities any time they are idle. 

4. It would enhance the creativity of your kids. 

With the show having all kinds of good entertainment content for your kids, there will always be creativity in every movie or film. Creativity in the animations is much well blended with the story in such a way that watching the movies will enhance the creativity of your kids. All what is required is an advice on the good things to take from watching any form of films or movies. 

5. It will give you time to bond with your kids more 

It is always good to watch movies or rather films with your children. First, to keep them company and even create a stronger bond with them. Second, you are able to learn your kids more It is hard for your child to open up on some issues especially when not in jovial mood or when they do not feel the concern of a parent. Hence, by giving them company, they will open up and share their experiences to you Also, you will be able to offer advice on the best behavior to adopt as the content unveils clearly from the characters of certain movies and films. 

6. The show will offer great lessons for your children. 

Not only are these shows good for entertainment, they also offer great lessons for your kids. It is a learning point for them. Since Amazon is partnering with film makers such as Graphic Media and Dharma productions, there is surety of a great content good enough to educate your kids. None the less, movies, films, animations and series contain learning experiences from the characters. This also helps them in knowing the consequences involved in doing certain things either good or bad and how to deal with them. 

7. Enhances creativity. 

Subscribing to this entertainment show will boost the creativity of your children. This skill is important in school and while interacting with other people. Many of the animations use creativity which will enable them not only get entertained but also gain creative minds from a tender age. 
In conclusion, it is good to advice your children or even choose for them the best movies, series, animations or films to watch since some of them contain a content not good enough for them. Some tend to mislead and manipulate their minds leading to bad behavior adoption.

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