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The 12 Best Movies To Watch On Netflix

Netflix has taken the world by storm over the last few years, and as time goes on it’s only going to become more powerful. I know that might pose a problem for those that can’t help but binge watch shows and movies. However, you might be overwhelmed by the choices available, so we’ll help you out by looking at some of the best movies to streamĀ on Netflix when you can’t decide for yourself.

1.Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino has the Midas Touch when it comes to movies, but Django Unchained sits proudly near the top of the list. In the Oscar nominated movie, Jamie Foxx, a freed slave sets off with a German bounty hunter in an effort to save his wife. As you can imagine, they run into lots of obstacles along the way.

2.Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde helped Reese Witherspoon cement her place as a genuine comedy actress, and it was received well enough to spawn a sequel. The Netflix release proves blondes are smarter than they look, as Elle Woods defies the odds to shine at Harvard Law School. She certainly isn’t your typical geek, which explains why the Barbie blonde only enrolled to win back her ex.

3.Fruitvale Station

Based on a true and shocking story, Fruitvale Station focuses on the life of Oscar Grant, a man who passed away in 2009 on New Year’s Day. The reason it’s shocking is the way the 22 year old died, which was due to a Fruitvale train station transit cop shooting him dead.

4.The Village

The Village is a period drama set during the 19th century, and it focuses on the residents of a village being too afraid to wander outside of their comfort zone. Even if there isn’t strange creatures living in the forest, almost all the community are haunted by them.

5.Son Of God

If you’ve had the pleasure of watching The Bible on the History Channel, you’ll enjoy watching Sun Of God on Netflix because it’s a follow-up to their popular series. In case you couldn’t guess by the name, it is based on the life of Jesus Christ, and it follows him through his early years to the resurrection.


Changeling introduces you to a side of Angelina Jolie you’ve maybe never seen before. Instead of running around with guns, she is trying to do everything possible to find her lost son even though her cries for help are being ignored. They eventually give her a boy, but is it her real son?

7.The Babadook

There are so many horror movies out there it’s hard to come up with something original, but if you watch The Babadook on Netflix you’ll not be disappointed. It begins with a young boy having nightmares, but it doesn’t take the mother long to realize there is something evil coming from an old book.

8.Welcome To Me

What would you do if you won the lottery? If you were mentally unstable you might do something different, which could include coming up with a strange television show. Welcome To Me is a lot funnier than it sounds, and it also happens to include a great cast you’ll know and love.

9.The Interview

The Interview is one film you’ll definitely not see in North Korea, and that alone tells you it’s excellent. Kim Jong-un maybe took offense to the fact Seth Rogan and James Franco were trying to kill him. The story gets funnier, but it might be better to leave out the hilarious details.

10.Good Will Hunting

The film that helped launch the careers of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, but it also launched the amazing phrase, “How do ya’ like them apples?” Damon is a young kid with nothing going for him, even though he is secretly a genius. It’s without a doubt one of the best movies you’ll see on Netflix.

11.Million Dollar Baby

Rocky is the boxing film everyone talks about, but Million Dollar Baby is the first one to ever showcase a female boxer. It was good enough to win Hillary Swank an Oscar, and you know when Clint Eastwood is involved in a film it’s an instant classic. Find out if an amateur female boxer can make her way to the top.

12.Crocodile Dundee

If it’s not the best film to portray a real Australian, Crocodile Dundee is certainly the most popular. How will a crocodile hunter from the outback be able to handle life in New York City? Whatever happens you’ll definitely get to experience some laughs along the way.

The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix

They’re coming out with new ones every day, so the best movies to watch on Netflix is always changing. The ones we’ve talked about today are certainly movies you can’t miss, or if you’ve seen them they are the kind you’ll be happy to watch all over again.

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