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November’s Ten Best Movies And TV Shows on Netflix

We all know Netflix as the bank of watchable content when it comes to on demand entertainment, and every month propagating this service further Netflix launches a list of its forthcoming shows and movies. For November, it was no different. The beginning of this month saw Netflix releasing a list of its best licensed shows. However for many of Netflix’s patrons, the choices for November remained not very exciting. So we took it upon ourselves the responsibility to dig deeper and compile a new list of Netflix’s November shows which seem to have great potential.

So, here’s presenting you the best ten shows and movies on Netflix for November!

1) The Crown (November 4th)


The Crown is an American-British TV series revolving around the life of Queen Elizabeth II. From her ascension to the throne at the young age of 25 to modern times, The Crown chronicles a journey that has been an intense and capturing political drama to say the least. Delivering one of the first occurrences of a woman-centric political era, this series is one to watch out for.

2) Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60 (November 4th)

Dana Carvey is one of those SNL stars that you can always count on to provide a good dose of humour. In his latest stand up, as can be observed from the tile, he narrates the musings and observations of a 60 year old straight white male delivering one anecdote after the other in a away only he can!

3) True Memoirs Of An International Assassin (November 11th)


In a scurry of misplaced incidents an author finds himself kidnapped in order to plot an assassin after his novel on a hired killer gets published as a true story. A mix of comedy and thriller, True Memoirs of An International Assassin is both fast paced and rejuvenating .

4) Under The Sun

Under The Sun is a critically acclaimed documentary which captures a year long story of a family in North Korea as they prepare for their daughter to become a member of the of the Korean’s Children Union. While the documentary vividly holds the raw emotions it also discloses a few hushed up facts as a consequent of an attempted deconstruction of propaganda.

5) Take Me To The River ( November 12th)

Take Me To The River is a suspense drama where a teenager is suspected of committing abuse when his 9 year old cousin is found with blood stains on her dress. The story beautifully encapsulates the hanging tension in the family as they try to find out the truth.

6) Burn After Reading (November 16th)

Burn After Reading is a 2008 black comedy. The story takes place when two gym employees come across a disk which to their sheer amazement contains the memoirs of a CIA agent. After a failed attempt of selling the disk back to the agent, the two men decide to turn it over to Russia in exchange for quick money.

7) Paddington (November 16th)

Paddington is a sweet story where a darling of a children’s character comes to life. One fine day, a naive young Peruvian Bear finds himself in London’s Paddington Station where he comes upon the Brown family who then decide to provide him with temporary shelter. Starting from here, the story goes on about the adventures of the bear in his new found home.

8) Boyhood (November 25th)

This Coming-Of-Age drama is as unique as it is raw. Shot over 12 years, it tells the story of MJ and his sister who live with their mother after their parent’s divorce. A beautiful depiction of the journey from childhood to adolescence to the brink of adulthood, Boyhood has gained major critical acclamation for its work.

9) Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life ( November 25th)

Gilmore Girls, America’s favorite mother-daughter series is back after a 9 year long gap. It effortlessly picks up from where it left off only with plot changes that time and maturity can justify. Ever since the announcement of the show’s return every Gilmore Girls’ fan has been waiting with bated breath to start off with this series.

10) The Jungle Book ( November 30th)

The story of Jungle Book is known to almost everyone; a human baby who finds haven in the love and care of a bear and a panther. But what makes this particular franchise of Jungle Book different is the astounding caste that lent their voices to the enigmatic characters in the story and obviously the stunning visual effects.

These are by far the 10 best content that will be available on Netflix this month onwards. So get ready to binge watch!

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