Learn How to see Netflix Hidden Categories

Netflix offers an extensive and massive amount of content, but it can become very cumbersome and unhandy. It is a fact that that the Internet television network has a plethora of mediocre titles. Fortunately there is a more convenient way to find the content you are really looking for, which many users probably do not know about.

Netflix has an expansive, in-depth master list of “micro-genre” categories that include a lot more than the typical Action, Sci-Fi and other such genres that are currently available. Back in mid-January, a myriad of independent websites published thousands of “codes” that can apparently help you scour through Netflix’s hidden micro-genres.

What’s on Netflix

“What’s on Netflix,” a Netflix fan-site that shares the best Netflix content, was the first to discover the micro-genres that remain hidden in the Netflix library. They revealed that entering the URL “” followed by a specific “code” brings up the specific, relevant “micro-genre” associated with it.

For instance, if “6721” is added to the end of that URL and the complete URL is entered into a web browser, you will gain access to content from the “Anime Series” category/genre. Similarly, you can browse through content from Netflix’s “Psychological Thrillers” category by entering the URL with the code “5505.”

Even a Netflix spokesperson has admitted content that they offer is categorized into thousands of subgenres. Apparently, this is the reason users end up finding the right content that matches and is relevant to their viewing history.

The Search

If you perform a regular Netflix search, many of these categories will not even come up. For instance, no results will come up if you enter and search for “Classic War Movies.” However, some categories do pop up if you search for them, such as “Korean TV Shows,” but of course, you must know the appropriate and right search term to enter.

To many Netflix users, entering that URL and keeping track of codes probably seems quite complicated and cumbersome too. Fortunately, browsing Netflix’s hidden, secret categories has been made easier by a new Google Chrome extension by the name of “Netflix Super Browse.” Beta versions of the extension are currently available on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This app will display a single menu that will have all of the thousand or more hidden categories compiled together.

Extension Cheat

Once the extension has been installed, a new menu by the name of “Super Browse” will be displayed as a part of your Netflix account. You will be able to browse through the thousands of hidden categories simply by hovering over the menu, without having to look up the codes and then entering the URL into your web browser.

Of course, keep in mind that there may be numerous bugs in the app since the app is currently in its beta phase and is not an official app from Netflix. Regardless of the method you choose or prefer, the fact of the matter is that Netflix indeed has thousands of hidden categories, most of which cannot be browsed directly simply be searching for them. Then again, 12 billion hours of programming was viewed by Netflix subscribes during the last three months of 2015, so spending time on the website is perhaps nothing new for them.

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