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Is Amazon Prime Worth The Money?

The Amazon Prime service of online retail giant Amazon offers a number of incredible features for a flat yearly payment. At first glance, the $99 cost of the service may seem high but a detailed look at the numerous benefits that come with the service easily make it an excellent proposition. Here is a brief overview of the benefits offered by Amazon Prime to costumers that make it an excellent deal at $99 –

#1 Free 2-day Shipping

The biggest benefit of Amazon prime is that it offers free 2-day shipping on a huge range of products available at Amazon online store. Amazon online retail store offers some of the most excellent deals on products and stocks an extremely wide range of items that cover your every requirements ranging from hobbies and consumer electronics to furniture and sports goods. The savings due to Amazon Prime free shipping alone amounts to more than the $99 subscription cost if you purchase a few items from Amazon in an year.

#2 Lower Monthly Cost

While $99 as a one-time yearly payment for Amazon Prime may seem like a huge amount, it is a quite reasonable amount considering how much you will be paying for the service on a monthly basis – just $8.25. Considering the benefits and convenience offered, the price is very reasonable when broken down to a per-month basis.

#3 Very Competitive with Netflix and Hulu

Amazon Prime service also gives you unlimited access to an extensive library of streaming videos including a large number of popular TV shows, movies and exclusive TV shows. At $8.25 per month, it is extremely competitive with rival video streaming services such as Netflix, which costs $7.99 per month, and Hulu, which has a commercials-free plan at $10.99 per month.

Amazon Prime also offers a number of other benefits in addition to the free video streaming, making it an excellent option when compared to other video streaming service providers.

#4 Free Access to Kindle Titles

An Amazon prime subscription gives you free and unlimited access to over a million Kindle ebook titles. An increasing number of old and newly released fiction and non-fiction books are also becoming available in Kindle version. Amazon Prime offers an excellent deal for book lovers who can conveniently search, browse and read titles from the world’s biggest selection of ebooks for free for an year at a price that is far lower when compared to the cost of buying the books.

#5 Good Deal for Small Businesses

The free shipping offered by Amazon Prime offers excellent savings as well as convenience for small businesses. Amazon stocks a huge range of office supplies and equipment including stationary items and printer toners etc. at very competitive prices. Free shipping on these items that are usually ordered by small businesses in bulk adds up to massive savings in an year.

#6 Increased Convenience

Amazon Prime combines a number of services for which you would have to usually pay separately. This consolidation of ebook titles, retail shopping and TV/movie music streaming in a single unified service offers incredible convenience to Amazon Prime subscribers and saves a lot of time and stress associated with managing multiple accounts and payments.


Amazon Prime offers huge savings on shipping for items purchased at Amazon store, free access to over a million Kindle ebook titles and extremely competitive and high quality video streaming service in a unified convenient package. The combined savings as well as the convenience offered by Amazon Prime make it an excellent option for savvy customers and a bargain at the $99 yearly price.

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