Hulu Plus Vs Netflix: Can You Guess Which One Reigns Supreme?

They said video killed the radio star, and now it looks like online streaming services have killed tradition television broadcasting. The options we have available today are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, but each company still has its differences. Today I’d like to talk about Hulu Plus vs Netflix, as they’re both leading the charge in slightly different ways. I know if you have the money available you can take advantage of both services at the same time, but let’s pretend you don’t and we’ll let them square off against each other.

1. The Major Difference Between The Two

Think of Netflix like a huge library of movies and television shows, and even though licenses sometimes run out there is enough content to keep you occupied for decades. Hulu Plus doesn’t have the same back catalogue, but it does give you instant access to shows that have recently aired meaning you don’t need to wait around to watch anything. In other words, Netflix is focused on size and Hulu Plus is focused on speed. Which one you’ll enjoy the most will depend on your preferences.

2. Originality Of The Content

There is one supreme leader when it comes to content, and that accolade goes to Netflix. Speaking of accolades, Netflix TV shows are even picking up awards you would never have expected them to have a shot at years ago. They’re also leading the way when it comes to movies, although they haven’t had any winners yet compared to their television success. Hulu Plus is also going to step up their game soon, but even though they’re producing original content they are batting below average so far.

3. The Availability Of Content

Let’s begin by saying Netflix and Hulu Plus work in web browsers, on games consoles, on your smartphone, and anywhere else you can think of. They are also both available on all computer operating systems. The only reason Netflix wins is because of two specific things. You can watch anything on Netflix, whereas Hulu Plus will only let you watch certain things using a web browser. Netflix has superior remote streaming too, so you could play shows on your phone while watching them on bigger screens.

4. HD Picture Quality

As our devices develop the ability to produce better picture quality, we demand only the best. Unfortunately Hulu Plus can’t keep up with Netflix, and you will always get better picture quality with Netflix provided you have suitable hardware and a fast internet connection. Netflix will even go as far as to detect when your internet speed is quick enough so it knows what you’ll be able to handle. Hulu Plus also uses more bandwidth, which means sporadic buffering can affect your experience.

5. The Pricing Structure

Netflix and Hulu Plus offer their service for under $10, and for a few extra dollars you’ll have more options available on Netflix. These include the ability to stream all your content in HD, plus you’ll be able to watch everything on more devices. Hulu Plus give away a lot of their content for free, but it’s worth noting this will only be when you’re on the computer. You won’t be able to connect the service to your TV until you’re a paying customer.

6. Annoying Advertisements

Even if you’re a paying Hulu Plus customer, you will still have to endure horrible advertisements that pop up while you’re watching something. Each one can last for a couple of minutes, and you won’t be able to do a single thing about it. Netflix have finally started trying to sneak in a few trailers to promote their original content, but it’s only shown once you’ve finished watching a movie or television show so it’s nothing to be bothered about.

Hulu Plus Vs Netflix: The Winner Is…

In the Hulu Plus vs Netflix battle there is only one winner, and I bet you can already tell which one it is. But like we mentioned earlier, they’re not the exact same so the best option for you will depend entirely on your specific needs. If we’re only basing the results on the categories we’ve looked at today, Netflix will always come out on top. You should also keep your eye out for a few competitors, as someone will try to take advantage of the weaknesses of these streaming services.

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