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Hulu Plus Review

What started out as a collaboration between several major media networks in 2007 turned out to be a huge success, as Hulu blossomed into one of the best online TV streaming services today. The concept is simple- the original Hulu provided a means for watch streaming TV on computers without a fee. Hulu Plus introduced a larger library of content, plus the option to watch these TV and movie selections on mobile devices through apps. This Hulu Plus review will show you why Hulu Plus is a definite contender among the best internet TV sites out there.


Content is king when it comes to internet TV services, and Hulu Plus does deliver as promised. All your favorite shows on TV are here, and you can be sure that the running seasons are updated wicked fast. Just how fast is the content update? It only takes a day after the original airing for that episode to be available on Hulu Plus. You can browse through and see complete seasons of the most popular shows, but there are times that the site only had the last five episodes available. Exclusive content is still largely in the works, with Hulu actively trying to bring in cult favorites from media networks such as BBC America.


HD programming is free when you sign up with Hulu Plus. You can utilize great features such as the personal queue or watch history to bookmark and be updated with your favorite programs. One notable feature that Hulu Plus offers is the ability to stream your favorite shows on any compatible mobile device- that means you can watch shows on your tablet or mobile phone anywhere in the house.

User Experience

The overall user experience was marred because Hulu’s interface was largely interrupted by irritating advertisements. You will have constant commercials popping up every now and then as you watch movies and TV shows, even though you are paying for a membership fee.

You will see a six-to-seven minute commercial for every 40 or so minutes of programming. This is almost the same as watching traditional TV, and kind of defeats the purpose of paying for a monthly service. This may prove to be a dealbreaker for some, as they could not be bothered with going for a media streaming site that pile up the ads like typical TV networks do. On the plus side, you can watch an entire series of Breaking Bad without ever leaving the couch, due to Hulu’s autoplay feature.

Customer Support

Hulu has a website and a blog should you wish to check for future updates. They also have a FAQ and tutorial page for solving the most common concerns and TV streaming how-to’s. There’s no live chat service, and you will need to email customer support should you have questions.

Hulu Plus Conclusion

Hulu Plus is a solid streaming service you can rely on. It keeps up with the latest TV shows and content is regularly updated. The only drawback to this internet TV site is the inclusion of annoying commercials showing up every now and then. If you can get past that, then Hulu Plus provides a fantastic deal.

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