How To Get Free Hulu Plus Forever Using Some Special Help

Hulu Plus is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, and as such it will cost you money to use it. Even though the price you’ll pay is very low it’s always nice to grab a bargain, so we’ll look at the steps you need to take in order to get it for free. The only downside is the fact you’ll only be able to get it free for up to a year at a time, but on a positive note you’ll be able to do it easier using, a great website we’ll look at how to use after going over some important details.

Up To One Year For Free

I don’t know how familiar you are with referral programs, but you will only get Hulu Plus for free when someone signs up through your special referral link. Getting one year for free is easier than it sounds, but you’ll only get two weeks free for every person who signs up. You’ll need to aim for 26 people to get each year without paying a cent.

The Referrer Ground Rules

  • Although you might be eligible to receive free Hulu Plus weeks once you start referring people, there are a few conditions you must meet before you can begin:
  • You must already have a Hulu Plus account before you can start referring people and collecting your free weeks.You must sign into your Hulu Plus account to copy your unique referral code so you’re credited with referring customers.

How To Use Refaround To Refer Customers

It’s unlikely you know enough people on a personal level who will be willing to sign up to Hulu Plus through your link. You might be able to convince a few people, but will let you share your referral link with people who are actively trying to sign up to the service. They will let you create a member ad for free, and don’t forget your ad must contain your unique referral link or you’ll be wasting your time.

Why Will People Use Your Referral Link?

You’re probably wondering why anyone would sign up through your link in the first place. The reason they’ll sign up with your help is because they’ll automatically a free Hulu Plus account for the first two weeks. If you still don’t have your own account, visit and you can sign up using a referral link someone else has placed on the site. Once you do you’ll automatically get your first two weeks free too. Just click on the ‘Pick A Referrer’ button to get started.

Never Pay For Hulu Plus Again

A free Hulu Plus account sounds good, but how would you like to keep getting it for free until they decide to stop the promotion? We already talked about how you’re only available to get it free for a year, but that only means once 26 people have signed up through your link your free weeks will stop. Fortunately it works on a rolling 12-month contract, so in theory if people sign up on a continual basis you’ll never have to pay for Hulu Plus again. With that in mind, use to your full advantage.

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