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Zachary Levi rightly said and I quote, “Entertainment has this way of resetting itself”. We couldn’t agree more. If the industry fails to do justice to these words, it is bound to suffer a backlash from the ever-changing entrants such as Netflix. Netflix is the exemplary King of Online streaming, offering a variety of original and freshly-brewed content that tops the charts.

The Netflix offers a month-long trial plan for its subscribers to come to terms with its user-friendliness, engrossing series, Bollywood, and Hollywood flick, documentaries, stand-up shows, etc. All this, for a minimal monthly charge, which ranges from region to region. The trial period is itself enough to enthrall you to go for yet another month and so on. Its premium streaming quality makes it a better experience than YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies and even the Television. Needless to say, it is a powerhouse of the Entertainment biz and has crossed a 100 million subscribers worldwide.

The next question that pops up in our minds is how to access Netflix. Netflix, not surprisingly enough, can be accessed from its App version for mobiles, laptops, etc. Its continuity and synchronize feature are a savior which helps the viewers to plug and play the ongoing shows on different devices. Netflix offers 3 subscription plans for its users, depending on the usage and streaming quality. You can pick a plan for yourself or the one for sharing with your family or the Premium plan, depending on the number of users.

Netflix boasts some of the most celebrated original shows, called the Netflix Originals which have significantly contributed to the company’s popularity. Netflix debuted its first-ever series with the House of Cards in the year 2013 and since then, it has only made it bigger and better. Netflix Originals have bagged meritorious awards on the international level and rated among the top show in the Americas and beyond. The company has spread its wings like wildfire and rightly so because of the likely, attainable goal of covering each and every country in this world.

The Netflix charges a monthly fee which is cancellable at any point in time. The best part: you are charged for an unlimited package and not for individual shows, movies or hours of streaming. Get ready for the ultimate binge-watching sessions with your friends!

Are there any long and tiresome business or work-related trips around the corner? Do you fear to have no access to a reliable Internet connection? Worry not because Netflix is here to cheer you up. With the ‘Watch Offline’ feature, you can download your favorite series, flicks or videos and watch them on the go. The long and boring flights wouldn’t be a problem now with this amazing feature Netflix comes with.

Giving a tough competition to the Television Industry, Netflix has given to its viewers, the most sought-after content, thus becoming the undisputed flag-bearer of the extravaganza. It is much beyond the conventional love stories, VFZ clad- action movies and over-dramatic shows. Television today is more of a broadcaster of advertisements and less that of quality content. Here, Netflix ranks up yet again for its ad-free and hassle-free streaming platform. 13 Reasons Why, Chef’s Table, Narcos, Lady Dynamite, The Crown, Stranger Things, Master of none, Dear White People, One Day at a Time, Making a Murderer are a most-loved series among other 16 spectacular Netflix Originals.

By now, it must be crystal clear to you as to how Netflix has successfully helped the viewers cut off the TV cables. With the emergence of new, gripping shows, Netflix has set to up its market position, with a current share price of $185.51, specializing in providing streaming media, video-on-demand online and DVD by email. Since its inception in the year 1997, Netflix has expanded manifold. It took the internet by storm with the in-house series, debuting from the year 2013. It offers a wide variety of movies, popular global and regional shows, comedy shows, etc.

Netflix is also equipped with intelligent features such as the Recommendation Algorithm, Binge Model, etc. The Recommendation Algorithm is designed to serve on top, the type of shows you love to watch. It examines your favorite genres and segment of shows to provide you a similar experience without having to go for thousands of shows. The Binge Model, which has now been mimicked by many other streaming platforms is coined by the pioneer itself.

Netflix rightfully has changed the face of entertainment Industry and has given a major blow to the ordinary networks and the Idiot Box. It has single-handedly solved the problem of spotty Internet Connections and it is, hands down, the dominant streaming platform today and for the days to come.

Amazon Prime could be an alternative.

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