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Amazon Prime vs Netflix: A Brief Overview

Netflix and Amazon Prime are the two biggest players in the media streaming market but this presents one huge problem…

Which streaming service should you choose? We’ve created an Amazon Prime review for each of them by comparing features such as pricing, movies and TV show content and supported devices.

1. Pricing

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime offer a 30-day free trial to their customers. You can take advantage of their free trials to find out which one you prefer. After the trial period, the two services offer several plans to their customers.

Netflix offers a standard service, which will cost you $7.99 a month. We wouldn’t recommend this package to anyone because it only allows for a single standard definition (read: no HD) stream and you can only stream on one device at a time.

A better option would be to pay for the $9.99 package that allows HD streaming and you can use two devices at the same time. If money is not an issue, you can become a premium subscriber and get 4K TV, Ultra HD streaming and stream on 4 devices at once for only $11.99.

Amazon Prime on the other hand has a Prime subscription that costs $99 per year. Sounds like a lot but if you are a regular Amazon shopper and Amazon media consumer, the money represents great value. You get free one-day delivery when you order items from Amazon and you can enjoy their music streaming service.

Amazon doesn’t have different levels of subscription and you can stream videos from two different devices simultaneously from one account. Unlike Netflix, Amazon does not offer 4K TV support.

Netflix allows you to stream everything but with Amazon Prime, you can only stream content with a “Prime” banner. You’ll need to rent or buy videos that don’t have this banner.

2. Supported Devices

Most of the latest smart TVs support both Netflix and Amazon Prime but just to be sure, you should check to see if your TV is supported in their app store. You can also stream the services from your phone, laptop, tablet, game console or set-top box.

Amazon has a streaming app for iOS and Android, which you can install to stream videos. However, you’ll need to download the entire Amazon app suite including the Amazon store app from their Amazon app store. We give Amazon Prime a thumbs down on this one. You are already paying for the service so downloading the entire app suite is a little too much.

3. Movies and TV Shows

Both streaming services offer good quality content depending on your taste. Netflix is ever changing with new content being added and some of it being taken away. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait a little while before new releases are added.

You can easily browse for new content on Amazon Prime without subscribing but with Netflix it’s impossible, unless you Google unofficial sites which will give you an up-to-date listing.


Amazon seems like the better option given that it comes with extra benefits like the music streaming service and one-day delivery of items ordered from the Amazon store. It also allows offline viewing and it’s cheaper than Netflix. But then again it depends on the type of content you are most interested in because both services offer different types of content. If you can afford to subscribe to both of them, then go ahead and get a taste of both worlds.

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