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There are numerous entertainment options to consider for your home, particularly if you are interested in video streaming. One of the ideal choices in the current market is Amazon Prime Video. Basically, this is a service that allows users to watch TV shows as well as films through devices connected to the internet. The setup has original content which is exclusive to Amazon, such as Mr Robot and Transparent. Moreover, you will find other popular shows like Arrow and The Walking Dead and numerous movies. Here is a brief description of all the critical aspects you need to understand about Amazon Prime Video.


Prime Video Subscriptions

Amazon Prime Video is designed as a subscription service. In simple terms, this is different from purchasing and renting specific films and TV shows from the Amazon Video store. Therefore, you will need to subscribe to membership in order to access all the prime content in the site. In ideal circumstances, it is best to choose full Amazon Prime membership. This choice will not only give you full access to Amazon Prime video; you will also have unlimited cloud photo storage, access to Prime Music, Kindle Library and the option for one-day and same day deliveries. However, if you feel that you do not require all these perks, you can choose Prime Video access only at a slightly lower price.

Broadband Requirements

When planning to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, it is important to ensure that your internet connection can handle the data. Most home connections will be good enough since the entertainment service employs adaptive bitrate technology. In essence, this means that the video will be tailored to match your connection and viewing device. Still, it is important to make certain that you have relatively good broadband speeds for your desired resolution. If you are not fussy and normally use standard definition quality, 900kbps should be fine. For HD and Ultra HD quality, the minimum broadband speed should be 3.5mbps and 15mbps respectively.

Offline Functionality

A lot of users might prefer to download and then watch video content from Amazon Prime Video. Fortunately, most of the content on the platform can be obtained for offline viewing. This is a valuable feature which is handy when in a place without reliable internet. Moreover, most video streaming competitors do not have this capability. On the other hand, you should note that there is a limitation on how many items you can download. The current restriction is two films or shows, and they must be completed within two days after you start watching.

Compatible Devices

The Amazon Prime Video platform is compatible with most entertainment devices in the modern market. The full list comprises of over 400 products, and you can verify the suitability of your device on the official Amazon support pages.

Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV

The simplest choice for Amazon Prime Video viewing is the Smart TV. These have entertainment applications incorporated into the device during manufacture. Therefore, you can easily download the app from the TV store, log in and start watching. Popular compatible Smart TVs manufacturers include LG, Panasonic and Samsung among others.

The STB Alternative

If you do not have a Smart TV and have no plans to purchase, consider getting a set-top box for your entertainment setup. A compatible internet STB will allow you to stream easily without needing a lot of financial input. Ideally, you should get the dedicated STBs from Amazon: Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. If you would like something more general, choose a device on which you can download and install the Amazon app. For example, Roku and Blu-ray streaming players are quite exceptional in supporting this service.

Other Compatible Devices

There are other popular and convenient entertainment devices that you can choose for Amazon Video prime. If you have a gaming console, you will find the pertinent application through which you can stream the video content. All products in this category have this capability, except the original Wii. Chromecast is not compatible, but you can open the videos on the browser and then duplicate through the TV screen. In the same way, you can watch the content on the PC or Mac and even use the TV as the secondary monitor. Finally, if you want to enjoy Prime videos on the road, connect your tablet or phone through the Amazon Video app. Apple devices and Fire Tablets are fully supported, but Android alternatives do not have an official app.

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