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A Review Of Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Amazon is amazing, Amazon Prime is Phenomenal. But to most people, the only perks they seem to get from this membership subscription is discounts and a 2-day free shipping on their purchases. However, there is more to Amazon Prime than this. So much more. A library worth. The membership that is Amazon Prime offers access to a massive library of movie and TV content on demand. This is the miracle that is called Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Many avid watchers of television shows have stumbled upon the Amazon Prime Instant Video link and simply ignored it. There is still a lot of people that have no idea what the Amazon Prime Video package it, what it costs, its accessibility, the shows that you can access on it and even the free trial. This is a review that will help to answer this and any other questions that may be gnawing on mind right now.

What Exactly Is Amazon Prime Video?

Simply put, this is a video streaming service provided by Amazon that enables members to stream videos and TV shows directly to their mobile devices or computers. It gives you access to a library of over 40,00 shows and movies. The content within is commercial free and accessible on-demand. This is an equivalent of Netflix only with a slightly different selection of content. Most people that know about it like to have both services at their disposal.

Features of Amazon Prime

The massive nature of Amazon Prime as an online service is astounding. There are some longtime subscribers that still haven’t gotten to use all the entities that come with it. Amazon Prime Instant Video is nothing more than a tip of the much larger iceberg. The user base has a 20 million subscription capacity and has other perks like:

1. 2-day Free Delivery for products purchased on

2. Amazon Instant Video

3. Amazon Channels – Members can add channels like Starz, HBO, Showtime and so much more to their selection

4. Exclusive Discount only accessible to Prime members

5. Added Benefits to city dwellers like same day and 2-hour deliveries

6. Music Streaming devoid of Ads

7. Unlimited photo storage which offers an alternative to cloud storage

8. Kindle eBook rentals with no due dates imposed

On What Device Is Amazon Prime Instant Video Playable?

The options here are only limited by your capabilities. Amazon Prime Video is accessible on Apple smartphones, iPads, Kindle and Android. It is also available on some smart TVs. Gaming platforms like Xbox 360/One, PlayStation 3&4, and Nintendo WII also support it.

What Selection of Shows Should I Expect?

The content selection is almost equal to that of Netflix except for the extra shows that are Amazon Prime originals, and some HBO shows that are unavailable on other platforms. This gives you an adequate variety to choose from.

Any Original Shows to Look Out For?

Some Amazon Prime originals include Transparent, Bosch, Mad Dogs, Mozart in the Jungle and Alpha house among others. These are the shows that have swept Emmys and Golden Globes because of their popularity with all manner of age demographics.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

Amazon Prime costs $99 a year payable in one deposit. This is almost the same as Netflix and Hulu but there are several other perks like Amazon Prime Video, unlimited photo storage, 2-day Amazon shipping, Amazon Discounts and music streaming among others. This makes it a better membership for the same price

Netflix Or Amazon Prime Video?

Netflix is the most popular streaming service at the moment simply because it monopolized the market for a while before other options popped up. Let us look at how it ranks against Amazon Prime.In terms of cost:The HD version of Netflix is about $120 while Amazon Prime costs $99 a year. Amazon Prime is better but only falls short because of the lack of a monthly payment plan.

You have to pay for the whole year upfront.In terms of content: Amazon Prime has almost 2000 shows and 18000 movies with Netflix offering 2000 shows and 4000 movies approximately. The numbers tend to fluctuate as shows are pulled and added. The winner here is undecided quality varies and hence people prefer to go with both services at times.

While Netflix has an impressive library, Amazon Prime is more than just a streaming service and as such you get so much more. You should, however, sign up for both free trials of Amazon Prime and Netflix and choose the winner by your specific standards.

Can I Try It For Free Before Signing Up For A Membership Package?

The answer to this question is yes. You can try out the service before deciding whether you want to commit or not. The Amazon Instant free trial lasts 30 days upon signing up for the service. This is all before you pay for anything. However, you should remember to cancel the membership before you get billed for a whole year after the trial. There is also a student version for those that sign up with a .edu email. This comes with reduced features, half the normal cost and a six-month trial period.  
With all this in mind, do you not think that it is time to try the Amazon Prime Video service today. You can always cancel after the 30-day free trial if it does not meet your expectations. This is however quite unlikely. 

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